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Interesting article on the 996 GT2



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Was sent this earlier, it's a great read, worth a look:


I’ve owned my Porsche 911 GT2 for seven years, for the first three years it was my daily driver, covering approximately ten thousand miles per year. Now that it is used for recreation only that figure has dropped to three thousand. Why did I use the twin turbo, rear wheel drive GT2, which doesn’t have traction control as my daily? Few cars can run toe-to-toe with the latest supercars and also start with no drama or complications. The GT2 is built from the same cloth as the epic all wheel 911 Turbo – minus the safety net of four wheel drive and electronic aids. There isn’t much to give away the performance of the GT2 when you turn the ignition, just some gentle ‘burbling’ of the exhausts.
  • Posted: Jul 6, 2016

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